I’ve been receiving your posts for quite a while, now, and have been wanting to contact you for some personal coaching. I just read your recent newsletter and felt an immediate ah ha! I’ll re-read, ponder, meditate and pray about how your message will free me.
All to say, thank you!


I almost can’t believe it. I have so much more energy and focus, a more positive and grateful attitude, and a tremendous resilience that I’ve never experienced before.

B.A. Marfa, TX

“I feel I have stumbled into the red hot section of my personal treasure map since this second retreat!  I am on fire with love for my life and you are making a difference.”


“You provide a safety net for my soul and I thank you for that. It’s comforting to be in the company of damn fine women with purpose.”


“This evening I was discussing great coaches and mentors in our lives with other women.  I am grateful for your presence as a life coach in my life.  You are always there to provide me with a kind word, a gentle reminder, or even a good splash of cold water in my face.  One of the many things I greatly value is how incredibly well you know me–my strengths, my fears– which allows you to guide me with powerful love.

I am blessed to have you as a life coach.”


Carol H.

“This retreat was sacred medicine.  I feel that I have received exactly what I have been very hungry for, what I have been wishing for.  I am very thankful for this generous gift. My life has been really tricky and I needed this glimmer of light to help me clear my anxiety.  Thank you!”

Deborah H

“Thank you.”

Jennifer D.

“I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to grow with your support”

Cynthia T.

“Wow ! This quiz has given a crystallized idea of being me. A good amount of fun in front of mirror. Thanks so much”

Nandini B.

“I like working with Amy…  She is deeply kind and is able to help us find joy even as we work through difficult things.  Amy brings people together.”

Teri H.