Mentoring with Amy : 3 Months

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Investment: $3500
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Amy’s 3 month mentoring is tailored to help you really flourish.

  • Transform your IDEA into REALITY!
  • Move into profitability and abundance!
  • Create a life that honors your soul’s wishes and your material comfort rather than continuing to trade one for the other.

Amy can guide you on specific areas in your existing business or help your creation of a new idea.  Amy has helped create profit in large corporations and small start ups.  Making money can be vital to your plan; however, more importantly Amy can help you create an idea that truly serves your soul, honors how you choose to live, and satisfies your desire to contribute to our world.

Your 3 months with Amy includes two 90 min sessions—the first and last, and four hour long sessions, each delving deeper into solutions that will empower you for years to come.

“Most of us have lots of good ideas, but lack the confidence to see them into reality.  I can help with that!”

Mentoring with Amy for 3 months can lead you to discover what will make you feel successful.  Not what others consider success–what will make your heart sing!  She can give you the business tools and support to create wealth doing what you love.

Only you can take the first step.  And unless you jump in, you cannot swim to the other shore!

Please note ALL products are 100% refundable within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied, for any reason.

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