Meet Amy


Amy’s teachings help women

Find their authentic voice;

Connect with their inner feminine wisdom;

Create goals that honor their deepest soul wishes


Turn dreams into opportunities of reality ~TODAY.

Weaving together her roles as mother, Harvard MBA, entrepreneur, and leader of women’s groups, Amy brings her open, candid nature and deep desire to inspire others to find their own truth. Amy rose in the ranks of Fortune 50 companies, managed low and high tech start-ups, home schooled four children, led women’s retreats, facilitated grief groups, and co-founded Moonsisters, a mother-daughter coming of age movement.

Too often women trade their feminine nature for power in the world or forsake their worldly power to commit to a feminine care giver role–usually as a mother.  Amy teaches women that cultivating strength while enriching the feminine aspects of their life will actually lead to deeper fulfillment and significantly greater power.

Women have underutilized creativity and feminine strengths that could truly change our world benefiting every organization, family and person they touch.  We are an untapped resource ready to spring to the forefront of our culture and help heal our world through inspired action and heart based wisdom.  “When women really embody their strengths–rather than emulate men’s–we will rapidly contribute more to our world than we have in the last 200 years.  It is our time to lead; to lead with our hearts.”

As an author, speaker, and business coach specializing in women’s empowerment, Amy’s wisdom will guide you to navigate your personal inner landscape and find the courage to be the most authentic YOU possible.  She will inspire and coach you to create a life that allows you to manifest your dreams and create abundance in your life.

Using a three fold approach Amy’s products and coaching can guide you to:

  • Uncover your unique gifts and what inspires you.
  • Assess opportunities and create business or career plans that create sustainable wealth.
  • Open your heart and spirit to receive the life you desire.

Depending on where you are in your journey, Amy can jump in to support you where you choose.  Most people touch the first step, regardless of where they are on their journey because making sure your efforts truly are targeted at activities and commitments that make your heart sing results in greater abundance, faster, and with more ease.